In 2000, in loving memory of and appreciation for the many years of service and dedication of Mary F. Clancy to those in need, Monsignor John F. Harrington founded and funded the MARY F. CLANCY CHARITIES, INC., (MFCC) in New York State, utilizing a bequest from Mary.

The foundation established in her memory is used to support programs that continue her work in the areas of service to which she was so dedicated – disadvantaged children, families and individuals.

The designation of funds from Mary’s bequest to fund programs that serve mothers and children is a fitting and appropriate use of her estate.

Through monetary gifts, the various programs that petition the charity are given financial assistance towards their particular mission, including, but not limited to, legal fees, court costs, health care for unwed mothers, housing for the homeless, and mental health needs.

Funding preference is given to program costs rather than administrative expenses. One hundred percent of all donated monies are used for the charities themselves – no Foundation costs are taken out.